What They Don’t Tell You About The Disney College Program

crying… so perfect

Theme Park Princess

If you look up the ‘Disney College Program,’ you’ll get the basic run down. It’s a paid internship at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. or the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. for 5-7 months, depending on when your program starts/ends. You can be cast in one of several roles including merchandise, custodial, food and beverage, attractions, boutique host/hostess and entertainment. You can even take classes for college credit and attend seminars to improve your networking skills or to learn more about Disney history.

But the websites, pamphlets, newsletters, various blog sites and information sessions don’t even begin to scratch the surface of what the Disney College Program truly is.

They don’t tell you that the first week is just as emotional as your last week.

They don’t tell you that going to Casting makes you feel like every dream you’ve ever had is finally coming true.


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My extremely overdue (and long) conclusion to the DCP

let me begin by saying SORRY FOR SUCH AN OVERDUE END POST. I lost it the last month trying to do everything and anything I had time for besides work. But now that I have the serious Disney blues and post-dcp depression, I figured that writing my conclusion might make me feel a bit better (while listening to Disney Pandora). I’m just gunna talk about some final month events that I did then.

SO first- I passed my Disney Corporate Communications class. YES. I had the greatest table of classmates who were awesome people/friends. We celebrated our final class with Olive Garden and McDonald’s dipped cones. proof:


Another amazing day I had was A JAM PACKED DAY of MK with my bff (and MK expert) Troy. We got pixie dusted, went to Be Our Guest for my first time for lunch (incredible), saw the show at the castle, and then met up with Athena to meet some princesses and the magician Mickey (WHO TALKS). It was a perfect day besides a little rain. or alot.



Then towards the middle of May, my parents came to visit 🙂 We had a lot of fun in the parks and went to see Cirque Du Soleil, it was amazing.


The day before my parents left, there was a huge event for CP’s called Starlit Splash, where they open typhoon lagoon from 7-1am and have a huge party. It was awesome- we went swimming and danced and ate it was so crazy.

Obviously the weekend my parents left, me and friends found ourselves back at clearwater beach…

It was once again an amazing time. I miss it so much, and the sunsets were always flawless.


Then sometime that next week I ate a 30 something piece plate of sushi with my two best friends… so good. so full ugh.


That next Sunday we went to House of Blues as a last hurrah for some of the greatest people I had met who were going home within the next week. It was so much fun, I’m glad we went. Super sad to say bye to some of the people who made work a little less painful.

Next, me, Vaishali and Angie went to MIAMI. YES MIAMI BEACH. It was incredible and probably the best memory. Granted I completely sprained by ankle on the beach and had to get crutches, I made the best of it! Our hotel was literally across the street from the beach and we got to eat breakfast watching it. We may or may not have also stopped at the DASH store…


Another HUGE part of my final weeks was when my bff Ally came to visit me. It was unreal and an absolute teaser to being home soon. Her aunts took us to Universal Studios (my first time being there EVER). It was hands down one of the best times. I was super impressed with the park and couldn’t believe I was actually in Harry Potter world at one point and drinking butter beer (but secretly my favorite part was obviously Jurassic Park… HELL YEAH DINOS).


One of my last days off, before the homestretch 40 something hours in four days, I spent with my roommate and best friend V. We wore our graduation ears and took lots of pics in MK! It was so happy and sad at the same time. We ended our perfect day with some wishes 🙂



Another fabulous last-days-off was our downtown Orlando trip with some of my best friends! Lex, Herminio, Christopher, Josh and myself all went to Lake Eola. It was so pretty there! We went on a swan paddle boat out on the lake, walked like 2 miles to IHOP, AND may have possibly spent a good 45 minutes in the cities’ library…

It was a great adventure outside of the disney bubble!



My last actual days were spent with the greatest friends I could have asked for. One of my last nights we had a name tag party, Rosie’s grill caught on fire after my last clock out, I spent the day saying goodbyes on my last full day in Hollywood Studios at SRM and my last night was obviously in Magic Kingdom. I miss everyone so much and can’t believe that in a couple of weeks it would have been 2 months since I left! I am so thankful and grateful to have had the experience to live and work in the happiest place on earth and meet some of the best people that make it so wonderful. Like the boss always says, I’ll “see ya real soon” Disney! 🙂





Day off at Clearwater Beach, Florida

Last Monday, my roommate and I planned to go to Clearwater Beach and stay overnight. We rented a car (which was SO nice to have the freedom) and drove about an hour and a half to clearwater beach, the best beach town ever. Once we arrived, we checked into our hotel. It was about 15 minutes from the beach, and we were so lucky because it wasn’t very expensive for the night but it was very nice for what we were paying.

This was Vaishali when we first checked in. We were super excited!

After we checked in, we headed to the beach! The sand was so soft and water really was clear. It was so nice. We stayed there for a few hours swimming, playing cards, and making sand castles.

After we had our time in the sun, we decided to walk down the street into the actual “beach town” and look at some of the shops. Then we looked for closest thai restaurants because we were craving it! We drove about 10 minutes back into Clearwater and found this really cute place and had some really good thai food!

After dinner, we headed back to the beach and watched the sunset!! The pictures I took were amazing.

After the sun set, we decided to change out of our beach clothes and find somewhere for desert. We found a place down along the strip that was decorated in pretty twinkle lights and served chocolate fondue!!!

The next day we were super sad to leave, but decided to rent the car for one more day to do something else on our bucket list!

Sadly, the rain held all day until we started our drive to the Blue Springs. Blue Springs Park is a state park where they conserve a natural spring (home to REAL LIFE MANATEES). The springs sectioned off for the public allowed anyone to swim down the current or take a tube and float down it like a lazy river. It was really cool, but REALLY SCARY because I was scared of fish touching me or a Manatee showing up. Once we got used to the water (it was pretty cold after the rain… its normally 72 degrees) we finally decided to relax a little and enjoy the sight. When I finally focused I realized how beautiful the springs really were!! It was like a painting! At the end of the springs where the public section was roped off, they had ropes showing where the Manatee Habitat began- the divide keeps humans out, but if the Manatees felt like it, they could swim right near you if they wanted! It was crazy. We didn’t see any, and sadly I couldn’t bring my phone in the water, but I’ll attach a photo from google of the springs so you can get an idea of how picture perfect it was!

Tomorrow is my day off, so hopefully I’ll have some more fun to share about 🙂



Things have been pretty great since I last posted! I spent last Monday with my roommate and her parents and boyfriend. We spent the day at the Magic Kingdom and then went to dinner at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The restaurant was called Boma, a great full buffet with a lot of great African food and side dishes. Tuesday I had my last class till I present my final project in two weeks at the end of April. I’ve been working since Tuesday! I’m actually on a bus to work as I write this! Work isn’t really work when I’m with the right people. There really isn’t much to complain about! The weather has been super nice. I’m excited for Monday off, because it’ll be my only day off that week. Because of Easter and spring break, I work 6 days next week with 55 hours! It’s going to be insane. Today I went grocery shopping with my roommate because she FINALLY came home today after a full week off with her family. I was so lonely in my room without her! I’m so glad she’s back! I think on Monday we’ll be going to Blizzard Beach, the other water park they have that I haven’t been to yet. Can’t wait!

That’s all for now,



Friends visiting, and turning 20…… In Disney.

So sorry I haven’t been posting!! All of March was super busy and I’m finally back to a crazy work schedule 😦

A few weeks ago Maryellen and her two roommates from school came for a few days for their spring break! It was such a good time, and sooo tiring. We had to wake up every morning to catch the bus to go to the parks, but it was definitely worth it. They even got to see the new festival of fantasy parade!




The Festival of Fantasy Parade was AWESOME!! It was such a good parade, and I’m so glad I was here to see it open. Anna and Elsa from Frozen had their own float, it was too cute!

At the end of March, I TURNED 20!! I had the best birthday. A couple of us spent the morning at Magic Kingdom (where I bought an monsters university hat and left that and my birthday princess ears at the bus stop- worst part of the day). But it turned around when I got home and saw that all my roommates had decorated the kitchen and got me a super cute princess birthday cake!


Then we went to Epcot for dinner! We had reservations in France at Le Chefs de France! It was such a nice restaurant. After that we caught some of the Illuminations fireworks on our walk back to the car because next we headed for Beaches and Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort!

Beaches and Cream is a little icecream parlor/diner where they have a MASSIVE icecream sunday called “the kitchen sink.” They use whole brownies, multiple candy bars, at least 8 scoops of icecream and a whole can of whipped cream. Its crazy. OBVIOUSLY we split it, but even between the four of us we couldn’t finish it.



Well Now that I’ve been back to work, the countdown begins until my parents come to visit- I can’t wait!! I miss them so much. My roommate, Vaishali, has her family down here right now and it’s making me miss mine! Though I’ll be sad to leave at the end of May, I’m going to be so ready to go home!


Bye for now,



Today was an awesome day because my mom and aunt are here!!!

My mom came this morning and I got to show her around the apartment and everything. We (aka she) cooked me two lasagnas and two quiche which is probably going to last me until my program ends…



After cooking me and V went to her hotel and layed out and went swimming a little. After, I did some last minute homework and we went to downtown Disney! I got some really good pizza there, and we walked around a bit.




I’m so exhausted now but I have to wake up and go to breakfast with a few students from my school and our advisor for the college program and then go to my four hour class to present my project. Going to be eventful….




finally some sun!

So today was another day off, and V and I decided to spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon since they extended our complimentary cast member admission until June!! Typhoon Lagoon was a LOT of fun. It was around 80 today, and the weather was great for the water park. We got to go on a bunch of water rides, the big wave pool, and layed out in the sun. I chickened out on snorkeling with sharks and sting rays, but maybe next time…


I forgot I was completely invincible from the sun, and was a little too desperate to get some color so I may or may not have developed a little bit of a burn (SORRY MOM I WENT TO WALGREENS AND BOUGHT SOME SUNSCREEN AFTER). After we got home we napped for a couple of hours because we were exhausted. Tomorrow I have class (wah) but hopefully will be going to one of my coworkers apartment to have dinner with some of my other work friends!

That’s all for now-